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startuphood - 21 Apps That Make You More Productive in the Office

Being productive is essential for everyone.

Being productive helps you do better at your job and it also helps you save a lot of time as well (which means more free time). If you value your time, then you should find ways to increase your productivity.

Today, we’re exploring a list of some of the best productivity apps for entrepreneurs.

Let’s take a look …

Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

You can become more productive by practicing good habits and by having the self-discipline to stick to those habits. Another method to increase your productivity would be to use apps that enhance your work performance.

Here are 21 Apps that make you more productive at the office:

  1. Pasteasy

If your job requires that you copy and paste a lot of data, then this app is for you. This app is a lifesaver. It lets you copy pictures, texts, screenshots, barcodes and other media from your smartphone to your computer. It even has a clipboard feature where you can keep track of all the things that you’ve pasted.

  1. SaneBox

SaneBox is well… it’s an app that keeps you sane. How?

Most of the time, reading emails can be a big time waster and it sometimes gets really frustrating when you’re shifting through newsletters and spam mail. For most people, this added stress is enough to make you go crazy!

SaneBox removes this annoyance by using intelligent filters that sort your email. It moves your emails to sorted folders so you can focus on the important ones first. It also uploads emails with file attachment directly to your cloud, which saves you the trouble of finding them.

  1. Toggl

Toggl helps you simplify your time tracking. You can simply keep track of the time by a simple click. So you don’t have to waste time by looking at the time.

  1. Shyp

Shyp helps you by minimizing the work needed to ship boxes to other people. It saves money since it automatically finds the best rates available. You don’t have to worry about the package being lost since it also has a real-time tracking feature that allows it to keep track of the packages that you are sending.

  1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist helps you streamline tasks and disseminate them to other people. It creates artistic and beautiful looking to do lists that people would like to see. Its artistic looks will help inspire action in you and your workers.

  1. Mind Meister

If your job requires creativity and innovation, then the Mind Meister app would be a great help. It’s a web-based browser app that helps keep your creativity going. It creates collaborative mind maps to help you connect with more than seven million people all over the globe. It even has a chat feature to help you keep in touch with other people.

Merging ideas with other people might be just what you need to perform well.

  1. Slack

Moving from cubicle to cubicle just to talk and coordinate with fellow coworkers is a big waste of time and a big hindrance to getting the job done. Slack helps solve that problem by allows you to contact each other without the need to move around the office.

It is a messaging app that allows you to chat and send a file to fellow workers. It also gives you notifications if something comes up so that you don’t have to check your phone from time to time for updates.

  1. Fantastical

Fantastical is Mac calendar app that is compatible with other operating systems. Fantastical syncs with other calendars and it compiles the events and dates to help you plan out your schedule. It also gives you notifications so you don’t miss out on events.

  1. Cube Anywhere

Cube anywhere helps you keep track of time and it also helps you keep track of your projects and works. It can integrate with your other contacts as well, which saves you a lot of time and a whole lot of effort.  It’s very similar to Toggl but with the added benefit of being able to keep track of your work on multiple devices.

  1. LinkFixer Advanced

This app is pretty self-explanatory. Broken links are an annoyance and they can be quite the hassle. LinkFixer fixes those broken links so you don’t have to sift through your whole work just to correct one lousy broken link.

LinkFixer can also be used to transfer multiple files at once with reducing chances of errors. Another hidden feature it has is that it can be used to modify the details of your broken links.

  1. RescueTime

RescueTime is another time tracking app that helps you manage your time wisely. Asides from the time tracking feature, RescueTime also gives you insight and advice on how to make the most out of your time.

  1. Contacts Plus

Contacts Plus is a contacts managing app that give you instant access to your contact’s information without moving to another tab. It saves you a lot of time and it prevents you from being distracted from your work. It also comes with a backup feature that helps you keep your contacts even if you lose your phone or if your data gets wiped.

  1. Let’s Lunch

LetsLunch is basically an app that helps you get the job done during lunch breaks or work breaks in general.

What does it do? It basically integrates with your contacts and calendar to help you find opportunities to network with other people. So you can do business and be more productive even during your breaks.

  1. Droplr

Droplr is a very convenient and handy tool that allows you to share graphics with other people. It doesn’t just send pictures to other people, it also allows you to put explanations and annotations in those pictures. It saves you a lot of time in explaining, and it helps you convey the message with as little words as possible.

  1. Speechnotes

Speechnotes helps you save time by converting your words into notes. It’s basically your own private secretary. It allows for switching between spoken words and typed dictations, it also keeps track of your vocabulary so that it can easily adjust and make the necessary changes to effectively translate what you’re saying.

  1. BaTo.Life

This is your own personal taskmaster. This app allows you take short breaks during work without suffering much in productivity. When you’re breaks have gone too far, BaTo.Life will be there to call you out and help you get back to work. Input the allotted time for your break and when you exceed the time, the app will close all other applications and force you to get back to work.

  1. Dart

Dart helps you get to the point and avoid making unnecessary time wasting replies.  If you are answering emails and giving the same sort of replies to your contacts, then the Dart app was made for you. With a simple click of a button, you can send standard replies instead of coming up with long answers yourself.

  1. Freedom

Freedom is very similar to the BaTo.Life app. It has a very ironic name since it doesn’t actually make you free, in fact, it restricts it. Freedom restricts your access to various websites so that you can focus on your work.

  1. RunYourMeeting

RunYourMeeting is a tool that helps you manage your meetings effectively. It increases the accountability of your attendees by making them commit and by monitoring their attendance and participation.

  1. Zapier

This is one of our favorite automation tool in the office.  Zapier simplifies your work by creating a designated workflow for you to follow. It creates “zaps” or triggers that automatically do your task for you. An example of a zap would be to send files to a certain person with a click of a button or send messages on a certain time period.

It saves you time by automating parts of your work.

  1. GPS for the Soul

This isn’t exactly an app that will help you in the office but it will help you keep you your sanity in the long run.

GPS for the Soul is a free Android and iOS which helps you relieve your stress. It tracks your location and finds nearby locations for you to unwind and release stress.

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Why Authenticity is Rarely Seen in the Workplace 0 326

Why Authenticity is Rarely Seen in the Workplace

Honesty is the best policy is an old but well-known proverb. It certainly is and a lot of people believe it. People will always appreciate the honesty of another.

However, the truth is uncomfortable to talk about, especially when you’re in an office set up. Business relationships are always built in a way where you need to put on a false persona. You need to save face and most of the time you have to hide who you really are.

Many professionals have to put up with this because authenticity in the workplace is something that can’t be easily achieved. No matter what your background is, the cold and honest (ironic huh?) truth remains that you have to hide your real persona.

Being authentic at work might trigger other people. You will be the target of envy, of scorn, and you will be an outcast.

Why Authenticity is Rarely Seen in the Workplace
Why Authenticity is Rarely Seen in the Workplace

What now?

So what does freedom in work actually mean? Does it mean having a pantry filled with things that you can eat at your own leisure? Does it mean having a dress code that allows you to come into the office while your favorite hoodie and sweatpants?

This is true for some people but to many others, it means being able to bring out who they truly are without having to fear to be an outcast. It means that’s they can simply be themselves. The question now presents itself, how do we achieve this for everyone?

We are all made up of layers

In this age, if you don’t act like other people or do what other people do, then you are already a target for scorn. Your unique perspective and actions aren’t really accepted by corporations and businesses.

People who come from the LGBTQ+ community or married individuals who choose not to have children may find that even the simplest of questions could open up a hazardous path leading to awkward office conversations. These people may be forced to answer a question that they don’t want to answer.

Questions like “when do you plan on having kids?” or “are you really gay?” are inquiries that people who fall under the spectrum of being ‘different’ have to deal with every day.  And honestly, it can get very tiring after a while.

Even if you aren’t technically hiding your sexual orientation, people will always still want you to magically conform to the norms of society. They may be thinking that asking questions like this might magically make you change your mind on whatever you’ve already set your heart on. To be honest, this never works.

The Global Head of Culture & Inclusion at Twilio, LaFawn Davis says that “We are all intersectional, meaning all have layers with which we identify. There can also be negative and long-term impact on intersectional technologists from expending the energy to determine whether or not all their layers will be welcomed or excluded”

Why Authenticity is Rarely Seen in the Workplace
Why Authenticity is Rarely Seen in the Workplace

The Pressure to Cover

In day to day office conversations, a non-conforming person may find themselves straining their minds. They are always burdened because they are always trying to think of ways to communicate with other co-workers without offending any of them.

An example of this would be, someone who does not have any interest in the importance of marriage or relationships in general. This person would have to find a way to explain that they are not interested in other people without offending the inquirer. In some cases, the non-conformist will have to evade the question altogether.

In tow with evading a conversation, individuals who find themselves in this type of situation commonly resort to talking about another co-worker. Not from ill intent, but from the perspective that this would be the only way to change the topic.

Of course, this is easier said than done. For the non-conformist, it would be hardly able to shake off the innate feeling of wanting to be different. One could not simply toss aside the feeling of being authentic. But, to talk about taboo things in the office would only lead to more complications.

Research shows that the act of ‘covering’, or the act of someone downplaying their differences from the norm actually affects the workforce badly. 3000 employees in over 20 large US firms had a turnout of 61% of employees that had faced implicit pressure to cover up their true selves in some way. While 50% of employees said that the pressure had disappeared because of their commitment to the company.

However, this practice still has a negative effect on people. This practice hinders the performance of the workers, and it could drain the individual in the process. Covering is also seen as a leading cause of attrition, with over 1000 casualties in companies.

Why Authenticity is Rarely Seen in the Workplace
Why Authenticity is Rarely Seen in the Workplace

Lead with Empathy

The best solution to this persistent problem is to develop safer and friendlier environments for people who fall under the spectrum of ‘non-conforming’. Leading with empathy includes implementing inclusive values, such as respecting an individual’s preferred pronouns.

To an employee, the people with the most influence are their supervisors. Once their team managers make them feel like their needs are acknowledged and that they’ve established that they are in a safe zone, then these individuals will feel less of an outcast and less likely to leave the company. Authentic concern for employees always produces good results, whether or not they are classified into the minority.

Supervisors must also strive to lead by example. Once someone from a higher position starts setting a new norm, their subordinates will start picking up on the habit. If everyone in the company starts being their true to themselves without having to hide behind a mask, then the company can slowly become a safe and conducive environment.

Being ‘authentic’ in this world is a hard feat to accomplish, but staying open and humble in a conversation helps in trying to make authenticity become the new norm. There is no single answer to the existing problem but if leaders lead with bravery and trust, they are sure to herd the industry into the right path.

How to Create a Culture of Collaboration.

How to Actually Enjoy Working After Hours 0 274

How to Actually Enjoy Working After Hours

The modern worker is no stranger to working after hours. While your job offer did not explicitly say that you would be working a few hours after 5 pm, you might be needed to work extra hours because of deadlines and changes in schedule. In fact, it’s even a norm now. Not a lot of people can escape from this trend. And if you were asked to work extra hours, then you might as well enjoy it right?

Picture this. It’s finally time to go home, but then your boss calls you about a project that you need to finish ASAP. It’s a bummer, however, it’s a situation that we are powerless to stop. Working overtime doesn’t mean working uncomfortably though. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your late night a bit more pleasant.

Go Home if You Can

If you’re able to bring your documents or project files home, then, by all means, do it. A lot of work doesn’t mean that you will have to stay and do it all at once inside the office. A change of scenery and of ambiance will dramatically boost your productivity. Staying in the same place for a long period of time will bore you and it will eventually wear you down.

Your work will feel less of a burden as you find yourself in the comfort of your own home. Relax and leave your professional persona without having to worry about anyone looking over your shoulder, have some dinner or snacks, dress up comfortably and finish up what you need to do.

How to Actually Enjoy Working After Hours
How to Actually Enjoy Working After Hours

Get Comfortable

If your office comes equipped with lockers or if you have your own permanent workstation, then it would be a good idea to change into a set of comfortable clothes. It’s extremely useful for times that you need to burn that midnight oil.

Being in the office after hours means that there are fewer people to see what you’re doing. This also means that there are no supervisors to tell you what to do. It’s time to loosen your tie and make yourself at home. You can even take off your shoes and put your feet on the desk.

Take a Break and Eat Something

Can’t leave the office and go back home for a good meal? Give yourself a break and look for ways to eat out or eat in (whatever you prefer). There’s no use in working on an empty stomach. See if you can get food delivered to your building, or if there is anything in the office pantry that you can munch on.

How to Actually Enjoy Working After Hours
How to Actually Enjoy Working After Hours

Feeling a little drowsy? Go get a cup of coffee to improve your condition.

If dinner is out of the picture, remember that you can snack on other things until you get home. Get some nuts, or some candy, to help wake you up and keep your focus.

Know Your Limits

Working after hours is challenging as it is, but if you feel like you won’t be able to do anything productive, then learn to stop and call it a day.

If you’re tired and worn out, then stop. You’re just putting your work to waste. You’ll probably be called out on it and you’ll have to do your work all over again. If staying up late is not your forte, why not just call it a day? Wake up earlier the next day and finish everything you haven’t. Your work will produce better results this way.

Start With the Most Urgent and Most Challenging Things

After getting your game face on, organize and execute your tasks based on priority and difficulty. Confirm which ones you will need to present tomorrow morning and which ones you need to do right away.

The next thing that you have to do is to start on the tasks that require your full brainpower to execute. You may not be able to finish the whole task tonight, but having a head start will help you finish things easier. A solid foundation is a key to finishing any task without difficulty.

How to Actually Enjoy Working After Hours
How to Actually Enjoy Working After Hours

Plan Before You Get Started

Starting without a plan is like going on a trip without a map or a navigation app. failing to plan is planning to fail you know.

You’ll soon find yourself getting lost in a sea of things to do. Make a list of things that you need to do before setting out to finish them.

You may discover things that you won’t be able to do without a co-worker’s cooperation. Before business hours end, remember to make a list of things you need from other people so that you can do your work effectively. This will ensure a smooth sailing operation for both you and your colleague.

Set Yourself Up for the Next Day

Tonight isn’t the only night you’ll be working in the office. Remember that you need to come back the next day to start on your other tasks (or tasks that you didn’t finish tonight). Make a list of everything you need to have.

If you did your extra work at home, then spend time preparing for the things that you the next day.

Treat Yourself

All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy. Are you finally done with your tasks? Are you ready to go home? Awesome!

Your efforts to finish the task deserve a reward. No matter how small the reward, you’ll still get a good confidence boost. Take some time to treat yourself.

Let your mind and body unwind with a good bath, indulge in a snack, or if you feel too tired to do anything, then go to sleep. Sleep is the best reward that you can give your body.


Working late to accomplish tasks isn’t an easy or fun thing to do, but it’ll be a little bit more bearable if you know how to handle it effectively. Hopefully, late night jobs don’t happen to you frequently. Remember to take care of yourself and recognize when enough is enough.

You can do it!

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