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Baco Mercat - Los Angeles Spanish fusion restaurant

Bäco Mercat a Spanish Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, a great spot for delicious Bäco, a.k.a. sandwich, a creative cross between a pizza, taco, and gyro.  When you hear of this restaurant’s name, you would think that it is a form of homage to the owner or the place of origin. But, the Baco in Baco Mercat is actually a food item that was developed by Chef Josef Centeno, who is the chef and owner of the restaurant. It is a flatbread sandwich that has become one of the signature dishes of this friendly neighborhood spot.

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Baco Mercat has an extensive menu, with delectable dishes for lunch, dinner, and late night food fix. Dining in this restaurant will give patrons an experience of Eastern Mediterranean, North African, South European, and Asian flavors.

Make sure that you try their signature dishes like The Toron, which is a dish consisting of Oxtail hash and cheddar tartar in a pita taco. You should also try their no ordinary salad, which has cold noodles, pork, and eggs that are mixed together in a big bowl. If you are feeling a little indulgent, go for their slow-cooked lamb and couscous, which is the priciest and probably the best item on their menu.

To ensure that you and your company will have a sure seat when you decide to come by, call in advance for a reservation. For events and gatherings, Baco Mercat also has delivery and catering services.

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What to order

  • The Toron Baco – oxtail hash, cheddar tater, horseradish-yogurt
  • El Pesco Baco – crispy shrimp, house sriracha, chive dressing
  • Koji Fried Chicken Baco – cheddar, pickled onions, harough aioli, shredded iceberg
  • Double Mushroom Coca (flatbread) – shitake, crimini, fontina, chili flakes, sage
  • Sweet Piggy Coca (flatbread) – bacon, gruyere, caramelized onion, arugula, horseradish vinegarette (our fave)
  • Turkish Love Coca (flatbread) – lamb ragout, tomato feta, burrata, basil, curry lemon
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