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Drink Your Way to Health at Kreation Juice Bar

The ultimate mission of Kreation Juice is to “provide healthy and delicious drinks designed to invigorate the body and mind for all of Los Angeles,” and with that in mind, it is not difficult to be a fan of the franchise. After all, everyone wants to have a healthy body and an even healthier mind.
Kreation Juice can be found in several locations all over Los Angeles, making them very accessible to the public, especially the health buffs who are always on the lookout for someplace where they can enjoy refreshing, delicious, yet healthy food and drinks. This is the perfect place because according to the people behind Kreation Juice, they only produce pressed juices that are more nutritious and can give more health benefits compared to traditional juicing methods.

To ensure that they keep up with their very high quality and standards, Kreation Juice only purchases 100% organic produce from Santa Monica’s Farmer’s Market. Their juice options are pretty extensive that some might feel a little overwhelmed in choosing which one to try first. Cold-pressed juices are categorized as greens, tubers, fruits, protein, and seasonal, so you might want to ask the staff first about your options.

They also have premium cold pressed juices, cold-pressed smoothies, and even more products that you can try, including some shots and snacks.

Here are our 5 favorite juices of all time

  1. GLOW (Benefits: Beauty, Mineral, Urinary Function, Antioxidant, Stabilizes)
  2. STRENGTH (Benefits: Cognitive Function, Stamina, Heart Health, Vitality, Immunity Booster, Antioxidant)
  3. UNITY 12 (Benefits: Beet, Apple, Carrot, Cucumber, Celery, Romaine, Kale, Spinach, Parsley, Lemon, Ginger, Cayenne)
  4. DESTRESS (Benefits: Anthocyanin, Antioxidant, Stress Reduction) – Treat your body’s stress with a deliciously sweet blend of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods. An ideal dessert substitute, deStress satisfies sweet cravings while providing your body with beneficial nutrients.
  5. MASTER CLEANSE (Benefits: Metabolic Booster, Immunity Booster, Weight Loss, Anti-Inflammatory, Purifying)
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Why Getting Enough Sleep Should Be a Priority in 2018 0 242

Why Getting Enough Sleep Should Be a Priority in 2018

It’s already February 2018 which means that it’s still early enough for you to set your New Year goals, rethink priorities and start working on that New Year’s resolution that you’ve always wanted to do.

Perhaps you’ve got a new pair of leggings, cleaned up your wardrobe, started exercising more, and maybe you’ve even overhauled the contents of your fridge and have now filled it with fruits, veggies, and other healthy foods.

You’re pretty amazing for starting off the New Year with such positivity and productivity. But the thing is, you’re still forgetting one of the most overlooked and most important aspects of an individual’s health.

Can you guess what it is?  Hint: babies do it all of the time (and no it’s not crying) and it’s very important for a child’s growth.

You’ve guessed it! It’s sleep.

You know the thing that most adults never get enough of! Perhaps it’s your busy work schedule or perhaps you’re used to sleeping less and less with all the parties, drinking and clubbing that you’ve been doing. The thing is, we need quality shut-eye in our lives and you need to make time for it if you want to live a healthy life. Sleep is so important that it’s even in the Holistic Health Triangle and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

So if you plan to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve success in your life, then you’re going to need lots of sleep. A study conducted by Mattress Firm showed that sleep is the key to healthy habits.  It showed that people who exercise for more than four hours a day tend to make it a priority to sleep early and also wake up early. In short, these people sleep a whole lot better.

startuphood Why Getting Enough Sleep Should Be a Priority in 2018
People who exercise for more than four hours a day tend to make it a priority to sleep

The director of Duke University’s sleeping program, Dr. Sujay Kansagra has advised that failing to get the recommended hours of sleep (7 to 9 hours) is seriously detrimental to one’s health.

Dr. Kansagra says that people who are sleep deprived are often more prone to poor heart health, weakened immunity, poor diet, and they often fall into bad habits that are detrimental to one’s health.

Dr. Kansagra also added that sleep deprivation also affects the mind. People who are sleep deprived aren’t just cranky, often times they are prone to mood swings, depression, irritability, lack of focus, and irrational behavior.

So in short, lack of sleep makes you prone to health problems ranging from heart conditions to a weakened immune system. But it doesn’t stop there because lack of sleep also makes you irrational, cranky, moody, and gives you the focus and mental capacity of a primate.

If these things don’t convince you to get enough sleep, then we don’t know what will!

If you want to be the healthiest that you can be, then make sure to get the recommended hours of sleep. Getting enough sleep is almost impossible in modern times with our busy work schedules, stress, and anxiety.

But if you can’t sleep 7-9 hours a day, then there’s still hope. You can make up for the lost hours by improving the quality of your sleep.

Why Getting Enough Sleep Should Be a Priority
Why Getting Enough Sleep Should Be a Priority

Here are some methods to increase the quality of your sleep

  • No gadgets or tech before going to sleep

Dr. Kansagra says that sleep is often a flexible part of our schedule and we often sacrifice it for other activities like work, social events, and other hobbies.

New flash guys:  You’re not in college anymore! You don’t have the vitality to go partying, pulling out all-nighters, or binge-watching a series all night long. If you plan to do those things, then expect to take a major blow to your health.

Sorry to say this, but watching late night Netflix shows or using your phone late at night is a big no-no.

This doesn’t mean that you have to abstain from touching your phone or avoid checking up your emails late at night.

Dr. Kansagra simply recommends that you don’t come into contact with the blue light that computers and handheld devices make for at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix can wait until early in the morning.

  • Make sure that you’re comfortable

Good sleep means more energy, better mood, and overall a better you. And to get this “better you”, you just have to make sure that you’re not sleeping on a hard and uncomfortable bed.

That’s right, you need to replace that cheap and uncomfortable mattress with something better. Because the right mattress can determine whether you get to sleep well or not.

Dr. Kansagra even agrees with this. He says that the right mattress can get you into a nice comfortable sleeping mood. And if you are comfortable at night, then it would far easier for you to enter the deeper stages of sleep and wake up fully energized and refreshed.

If you’re looking for good mattresses, then check out Mattress Firm.  They have a huge assortment of mattresses from well-known brands like Beautyrest, Seta, Dream Bed Lux and so much more. You’ll find the comfiest mattresses here.

But you don’t have to stop there! You can make it easier to sleep by using lavender essential oils to put you in a sleepy mood. You can even get a stuffed toy and cuddle with Mr. Snuggles if it helps you sleep at night.

  • Get Sweaty

Have you ever wondered why it’s so easily falling asleep after having sex? It’s not because you had the time of your life (although it’s part of the reason though ;)), it’s because you worked up a sweat doing all of those naughty things.

Sex is considered to be a form of exercise. And a study by Mattress Firm shows that adults who exercise more are prone to sleep early and fall asleep easily.

That means that you’re nightly “sexy time” sessions with your partner is helping you sleep better.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to sex. You can hit the gym or do some laps in your local park. Not only will you have a stronger, faster, and fitter body but you will also have better sleep as well.

Also, here’s a great post we recommend – 8 Tips for Developing Good Habits (And Keeping Them)

Sugarbird Sweets Bakery Serving Up Gourmet Scones in 18 Different Flavors 0 228

Sugarbird Sweets Bakery Serving Up Gourmet Scones in 18 Different Flavors

Sugarbird Sweets was founded by Kei Okumura, a top of the class graduate from the renowned École Supérieure de Cuisine Française in Paris. But, her quest for excellence did not stop there as she continued to fuel her passion by enhancing her skills through years of experience, travels, and immersions in several restaurants and bakeries.

She started by making delicious desserts and confectionery for her family and friends, which eventually expanded to other clients as well as restaurants. Word spread quickly about her delectable treats prompting her to create Sugarbird Sweets in 2008.

Cutest sones, cutest scone lunchbox 💓

A post shared by Sugarbird Sweets (@sugarbirdsweets) on

Sugar Bird Sweets is located on Grand Avenue, but Okumura’s creations are also available at several retailers and markets in Los Angeles. Her products, which include scones, marshmallows, shortbreads, jams, and spreads, can be bought online as well. There are also baskets and boxes, which are usually bought to be given as gifts.

Another aspect that contributed to Sugar Bird Sweets’ success is the catering packages. Ordering is very convenient as it can be completed online and then picked up in the LA area. No matter what the event is, whether it is a meeting, a birthday, a bridal shower, or a wedding, Sugar Bird Sweets can work with clients to meet the needs and provide excellent treats and teas.

Some of our favorite flavors

  • Matcha White Chocolate Scone
  • Raspberry White Chocolate Scone
  • Strawberry Buttermilk Scone
  • Lemon Blueberry

Sugarbird scones can also be found at the South Pasadena Farmers Market on Thursdays and the Larchmont Farmers Market on Sundays, and their sweets or teas at these locations.

Pair these delicious scones with a great brew at Black Coffee.

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