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Drink Your Way to Health at Kreation Juice Bar

The ultimate mission of Kreation Juice is to “provide healthy and delicious drinks designed to invigorate the body and mind for all of Los Angeles,” and with that in mind, it is not difficult to be a fan of the franchise. After all, everyone wants to have a healthy body and an even healthier mind.
Kreation Juice can be found in several locations all over Los Angeles, making them very accessible to the public, especially the health buffs who are always on the lookout for someplace where they can enjoy refreshing, delicious, yet healthy food and drinks. This is the perfect place because according to the people behind Kreation Juice, they only produce pressed juices that are more nutritious and can give more health benefits compared to traditional juicing methods.

To ensure that they keep up with their very high quality and standards, Kreation Juice only purchases 100% organic produce from Santa Monica’s Farmer’s Market. Their juice options are pretty extensive that some might feel a little overwhelmed in choosing which one to try first. Cold-pressed juices are categorized as greens, tubers, fruits, protein, and seasonal, so you might want to ask the staff first about your options.

They also have premium cold pressed juices, cold-pressed smoothies, and even more products that you can try, including some shots and snacks.

Here are our 5 favorite juices of all time

  1. GLOW (Benefits: Beauty, Mineral, Urinary Function, Antioxidant, Stabilizes)
  2. STRENGTH (Benefits: Cognitive Function, Stamina, Heart Health, Vitality, Immunity Booster, Antioxidant)
  3. UNITY 12 (Benefits: Beet, Apple, Carrot, Cucumber, Celery, Romaine, Kale, Spinach, Parsley, Lemon, Ginger, Cayenne)
  4. DESTRESS (Benefits: Anthocyanin, Antioxidant, Stress Reduction) – Treat your body’s stress with a deliciously sweet blend of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods. An ideal dessert substitute, deStress satisfies sweet cravings while providing your body with beneficial nutrients.
  5. MASTER CLEANSE (Benefits: Metabolic Booster, Immunity Booster, Weight Loss, Anti-Inflammatory, Purifying)
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Sugarbird Sweets Bakery Serving Up Gourmet Scones in 18 Different Flavors 0 60

Sugarbird Sweets Bakery Serving Up Gourmet Scones in 18 Different Flavors

Sugarbird Sweets was founded by Kei Okumura, a top of the class graduate from the renowned École Supérieure de Cuisine Française in Paris. But, her quest for excellence did not stop there as she continued to fuel her passion by enhancing her skills through years of experience, travels, and immersions in several restaurants and bakeries.

She started by making delicious desserts and confectionery for her family and friends, which eventually expanded to other clients as well as restaurants. Word spread quickly about her delectable treats prompting her to create Sugarbird Sweets in 2008.

Cutest sones, cutest scone lunchbox 💓

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Sugar Bird Sweets is located on Grand Avenue, but Okumura’s creations are also available at several retailers and markets in Los Angeles. Her products, which include scones, marshmallows, shortbreads, jams, and spreads, can be bought online as well. There are also baskets and boxes, which are usually bought to be given as gifts.

Another aspect that contributed to Sugar Bird Sweets’ success is the catering packages. Ordering is very convenient as it can be completed online and then picked up in the LA area. No matter what the event is, whether it is a meeting, a birthday, a bridal shower, or a wedding, Sugar Bird Sweets can work with clients to meet the needs and provide excellent treats and teas.

Some of our favorite flavors

  • Matcha White Chocolate Scone
  • Raspberry White Chocolate Scone
  • Strawberry Buttermilk Scone
  • Lemon Blueberry

Sugarbird scones can also be found at the South Pasadena Farmers Market on Thursdays and the Larchmont Farmers Market on Sundays, and their sweets or teas at these locations.

Pair these delicious scones with a great brew at Black Coffee.

Flower Child, a Healthy Fast-Casual Cafe Serving Up Delicious Salads, Bowls & Wraps 0 52

Flower Child, a Colorful Cafe With a Cheery, Bohemian Ethos For Health-Minded Salads, Bowls & Wraps

If you think about it, there is no better goal than serving healthy food for a happy world. After all, we need food for sustenance and maintenance, and eating healthy is the key to living well in a happier world.

Flower Child is a fast and casual restaurant that does not have any room for gluten-rich food as well as those containing refined sugars. The people behind the restaurant only work with ranchers who raise their animals naturally, without using any additives for growth. That also means they only work with people who have respect and love for their livestock.

We like to act (and eat) colorfully. 🌈 📷: @eatingatx

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The restaurant has several locations in Arizona, Texas, and California that is why people in these states, especially the waist-watchers, rejoice as they have a nice place to go to when they want to eat clean, healthy, and delicious food.

What’s nice about Flower Child’s menu is that it allows customers to mix and match, to come up with dishes that they will definitely love. Their extensive menu includes whole grain wraps, bowls, vegetables and grains, hummus and soups, salads, as well as healthy meals for kids. They only use the freshest organic produce, so customers can be assured that they will only eat the healthiest.

What to get

  • Plates
    • Roasted Butternut Squash black kale, toasted mulberry, maple chestnut vinaigrette
    • Spicy Japanese Eggplant with Thai basil & cashew
    • Red Chili Glazed Sweet Potato with bok choy & sesame seed
  • Bowls
    • Wild Mushroom Pho – rice noodle, sweet onion, bok choy, jalapeno, savoy cabbage, Thai basil, fall spiced dashi
    • Vegan Poke – marinated beet, avocado, pickled mushroom, cucumber, radish, wasabi pea, smoked dulse, brown rice, spicy ponzu
    • Mother Earth – ancient grains, sweet potato, portobello mushroom, avocado, cucumber, broccoli pesto, charred onions, leafy greens, red pepper miso vinaigrette, hemp seed
  • Wraps
    • Bird is the Word – grilled chicken, broccoli, charred onion & pepper, melted pepper jack cheese
    • The Rebel – grass-fed steak, charred onion, port salut cheese, arugula, horseradish yogurt


Lettuce party. 🥗 📷: @brookezigler

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If you like healthy fast-casual food, check out EveryTable – another great spot to try.

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