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15 Cool Accessories for your iPhone from UncommonGoods

Apple has always been good at creating an ecosystem that supports smart accessories from third-party manufacturers. But, as powerful as the iPhone, there are some things it just cannot do alone. It cannot, for example, stream music for a room full of people. It cannot reliably power itself on a single charge for 2 to 3 days. For all these purposes, we have curated 15 cool accessories for your iPhone at UncommonGoods.

Power Station

Audio & Video

  • Pocket Tin Speaker – Give your smartphone soundtracks a boost of with this amplified mini speaker. ($36)
  • Gourd Amplifier – A gourd gets a high tech upgrade in this speaker, complete with cables for your instruments or MP3 player. ($100)
  • Mason Jar Speaker & Amplifier – This mini speaker is totally self-contained, so you can hook up your guitar or mp3 player on-the-go. ($50)
  • Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker – Reclaimed records play music in a whole new way: as a gramophone-inspired, wireless speaker. ($275)
  • Pocket DJ Mixer – Lay down a professional-sounding beat anywhere you go with this mini sound mixer. ($100)
  • Timbrefone Acoustic Phone Amp – Connect your phone to this sleek birch speaker, which amplifies sound through an acoustic cone. ($100)


  • PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer – Zap the germs lurking on your touchscreen with this UV sanitizer that takes care of the dirty work for you. ($50)
  • Smartphone Magnifier – Enjoy your mobile movies double the size of your smartphone display. ($30)
  • iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set – Sativa Turner’s personable labels are custom-designed to fit the accessories of your favorite Apple devices. ($13)
  • Game of Phones – Turn your trusty cellular companion into the subject of a scavenger hunt between you and your friends. ($20)
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