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Best Food and Drinks to Help Get Rid of That Nasty Hangover

You had a wild night. Now you find it very difficult to get out of bed. Your head is a mess and you just don’t feel like going to work.  You love partying but apparently, you hate the consequences. So how do you get rid of a hangover?

People often believe that a slice of pizza or a greasy bacon meal can help get rid of that pesky hangover. However, that is not the case, since greasy foods can, in fact, worsen your condition! So you better avoid taking greasy foods if you want to recover quickly.

So before we go into the foods and drinks that will help get rid of your hangover, we must first take a look at all the things that could worsen your condition.

Food and Drinks That You Should Avoid


It may seem really obvious but some people believe that the best cure for a hangover is more alcohol.  They believe that this can help take off that groggy feeling, however, this only worsens your condition. You may be able to fight fire with fire but you can’t combat alcohol with more alcohol!

This will only dehydrate your body more and it will even amplify the symptoms of a hangover.

Orange and Grape Juice

Sour drinks like orange juice and grape juice are a big no-no. The acid from these juices will irritate your stomach forcing you to hurl. Other acidic juices like tomato juice should be avoided as well.

Greasy Food

We’ve already covered this but we shall remind you again. Greasy food like hamburgers, fries, bacon, and pizza should be avoided at all costs. The greasy food contains lots of fats that can irritate the stomach. What’s even worse is that the fat can interfere with the absorption of alcohol in your bloodstream.

Long story short, you won’t recover fast when you’re eating greasy and fatty foods.

So now that we know what to avoid we should look at the foods and drinks that will help get rid of that nasty hangover.

Foods and Drinks That Will Help


Nothing helps cure a hangover like a glass of fresh water.  Alcohol dehydrates your body, which is why you often have a pounding headache when you have a hangover.  Headaches are one of the symptoms of dehydration, so actually, have to fight dehydration when dealing with a hangover. And the best way to fight dehydration is by giving the body the liquids that it needs to properly function.

Get some fresh H20 after a crazy drinking session to minimize the symptoms of a hangover. Drinking some water in the morning will also help flush out the toxins (alcohol) in your body as well.

Miso Soup

Miso soup is a great remedy for a painful hangover. Its thick broth contains essential nutrients to help rehydrate your body.

Toast and Honey

You’re awfully dehydrated which means that your body has lost quite a bit of nutrient. Eating some toast dipped in honey can help remedy the problem. The carbs from the toast and the fructose found in honey will give your body the energy that it needs to fight that nasty hangover.

Best Food and Drinks to Help Get Rid of That Nasty Hangover
Best Food and Drinks to Help Get Rid of That Nasty Hangover


A bowl of oatmeal contains essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins. These nutrients are exactly what you need after a dehydrating session of booze drinking. Oats also help neutralize toxins in the body which greatly helps in the fight against intoxication.

Fruit Juice

Yes, we did warn you not to drink acidic drinks like orange juice. However, drinks rich in fructose like cranberry juice will be a big help in ensuring your recovery. A glass of cranberry juice and apple juice will help kick start your body and give it the energy that it needs to fight of that hangover.

Pickle Juice

If you want an effective method to fight off hangovers, then you better try drinking some pickle juice! You might find it disgusting but pickle juice contains a decent mix of sodium, vinegar, and water. This solution will help restore your electrolytes and it will help your body recover faster.


Eggs contain vital amino acids and protein needed by the body. Eating some eggs will help your body recover faster from a hangover. What’s more is that eggs contain Taurine which helps keep your liver strong and healthy.

Fruits and leafy vegetables

Some fruits and veggies will help in your recovery. Fruits and veggies are rich in nutrients that your body desperately needs to recover.

I don’t like eating fruits and veggies in the morning, then you can try blending them and make some delicious smoothies. Healthy, tasty, and exactly what you need.


Technically bananas should be under the fruit and veggies category. However if you can’t decide on a fruit to eat (or to blend), then you should go for bananas. Bananas are rich in potassium which helps replenishes your electrolytes.

And speaking of electrolytes, you should try some…

Best Food and Drinks to Help Get Rid of That Nasty Hangover banana
Bananas are rich in potassium which helps replenishes your electrolytes.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks were designed to keep the body going. It’s also designed to replenish your electrolytes quickly. A nice bottle of Gatorade or some other sports drink is exactly what you need to replenish, rehydrate, and rejuvenate your body.

Coconut Water

If you don’t want to take sports drinks, then why not go for some coconut water. Coconut water contains lots electrolytes and it’s also fresh and all natural. It even has more electrolytes than sports drinks.


It’s a drink designed to cure dehydration. It has lots of sodium, potassium and various electrolytes. This drink is exactly what you need to cure a hangover.


Last but not the least we have coffee.  Everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock would know that coffee is one of the best ways to deal with a hangover. Coffee is also the most peculiar cure for a hangover as well.

Unlike other foods and drinks on this list, coffee is actually a mild diuretic. This means that it’s kind of similar to alcohol since it basically dehydrates your body.

startuphood Best Food and Drinks to Help Get Rid of That Nasty Hangover coffee
Coffee contains anti-inflammatory properties which help deal with headaches

But why is coffee good for a hangover?  Unlike alcohol, coffee is a mild diuretic which means that the dehydration caused by the coffee is negligible and that it doesn’t affect you that much.  Coffee also contains anti-inflammatory properties which help deal with headaches and it gives you an energy boost to get out of bed in the morning.

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