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17 Best Online Stores to Buy Beautiful Stationery for Your Office

Would you rather take notes in a traditional stationery, like a journal or on your smartphone? For those who chose a journal over the smartphone, here are few great online shops that will provide for your stationery needs.

While smartphones can be handy for note-taking on the fly, plenty of us still prefer to use pen and paper for taking down notes and writing in our journals. It just feels different somehow, just as actual books are a lot different from ebooks. In many cases, it’s also a lot more practical. We can have stationery and a pen right on our nightstand so that when we wake up right after dreaming we can jot down our dream right away without fiddling with our fussy smartphones.

Best Stationery Stores Online

Of course, it does enhance the experience when we get the stationery that best suits our preferences. So where do we get them? Nowadays we don’t have to wait until we can stumble upon a charming stationery shop in the city. We can just go online, where there are actually plenty of Internet stationery shops that can provide what we like.

Best Stationery Stores Online

We may live in the digital age, but that’s not to say stationery has lost its place in the office. Today, we’re taking a closer look at some of the best stationery stores online. Join us and discover the stationery supplier that fits your office style and culture.

Let’s get started …

  1. Mark + Fold

This site offers enchanting alternatives to bland stationeries designed to appeal to the mass market. Here the designs are modern and decidedly minimalist, with an emphasis on unique papers and creative bindings.

  1. Papersmiths 

This UK brand has real stores in London and Bristol, but you can just visit their website for a more convenient shopping experience. Their wares include not just gorgeous examples of stationery, but a whole host of home knickknacks that will make you giddy. These include small gifts, greeting cards, homeware selections, magazines, and books. The variety available makes this one of the best stationery stores online.

  1. Tools to Live By

This shop offers various implements and writing paraphernalia for the discerning stationery user. They have fountain pens and calligraphy implements, storage solutions, clips, glue and paste, and even stamps. They offer only the best wares from the US, Europe, and Japan.

  1. Cass Art

They seem to have everything you’ll ever need for writing here. These include pencils, pens and the ink you need, rulers and erasers, and even writing surfaces. They’re all from highly regarded brands such as Daler Rowney, Faber-Castell, and Winston & Newton.


  1. Fox and Star

They offer cute planners and journals along with charming pens, clips, and tapes. You’ll notice that their stationery supplies come from famous worldwide brands, and they’re all of premium quality. If you haven’t yet tried to buy the washi tapes from Japan, now’s the time.

  1. Milligram

This is an Australian site that used to go by the more plebeian moniker NoteMaker. With the name change comes a more ambitious goal of providing you the best-designed stationery, the most efficient office and desk supplies, and the most delightful lifestyle accessories. They’ll prove that everyday life seems brighter when you have well-made journals, fine paper, and gorgeous pens to work with.

  1. Rifle Paper Co.

Based in Florida and run by a married couple, this stationery brand actually started out as just a small business run out of their garage. Now they’re a huge international brand, thanks largely to their striking stationery, fine pens, and memorable greeting cards. They also offer a truly alluring set of art prints.

  1. Nook 

A group of 3 friends in London banded together to create a shop where they would have gone to for interiors and design. They specialize in elegant office supplies but they also offer accessories for the kitchen, bathroom, and garden. If you like cute and functional items around the house, this is your online shop.

  1. Ohh Deer

Just a few years ago, this online shop started in an attic owned by a couple’s grandparent. Now they’re a booming success, and they’re gone past selling just exquisite notepads, pens, and stationery supplies. They have dozens of famous artists collaborating with them, and they’ve joined together with iconic brands like ASOS and Urban Outfitters.

  1. The Stationer 

The founder started a stationery blog back in 2014, and there she demonstrated a love and knowledge of stationery that endeared her to numerous fans. So naturally, she started to share not just her knowledge of the world’s best stationery but also sold examples of these on her site. If you’re a fan of mixing practical function with classic design, you’ll love this online stationery shop.

  1. Tom Pigeon 

Aside from stationery, you also have homeware, prints, and even jewelry here. Their collection exudes a stylish playfulness that’s hard to ignore. If you’re looking for a charming gift to delight a friend, here’s where you need to go.

Flotsam. Print, notebooks, @elledecorationuk cover!

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  1. Smug

This started out as a stationery shop, and now they’ve expanded their wares to include all manners of cute items for the home. In fact, they even have furniture. Still, the stationery is the crown jewel of the collection, and they sure are cute.

  1. The Good Twin

Katie, who founded this website, always wanted to be unique. Here she reaches out to like-minded people with her striking collections of hand-drawn stationery. They’re even printed on premium-quality recycled materials.

  1. Studio Sarah

This brand is renowned for the quality of their paper and leather goods, as they project a modern sense of feminine beauty that leaves a memorable impression. The designs of these stationery supplies are quite graceful and stylish, and they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Writing birthday cards 💌✏️💌#studiosarah #birthdaygirl

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  1. CW Pencil

Do you prefer pencil over a pen? This is your one true shop if that’s the case, as you have everything here that a pencil fan will ask for.

  1. Paperchase 

Who says stationery can’t be playful and fun? The themes of these stationery supplies can be absolutely bonkers, as they offer pencil cases in banana shapes along with staples in rose gold. When you want your stationery to surprise, you need to come here.

  1. The Nineteen Seventy-Three

The brand name refers to the birth year of the founders, but their stationery supplies are both modern and classical. You have to try those silkscreen printed notebooks to see just how different this brand really is.

These are just some of the online stationery shops that that will charm your senses when you pay them a visit. They all prove that the stationery industry is alive and well even in the age of smartphones and apps!

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Why Authenticity is Rarely Seen in the Workplace 0 325

Why Authenticity is Rarely Seen in the Workplace

Honesty is the best policy is an old but well-known proverb. It certainly is and a lot of people believe it. People will always appreciate the honesty of another.

However, the truth is uncomfortable to talk about, especially when you’re in an office set up. Business relationships are always built in a way where you need to put on a false persona. You need to save face and most of the time you have to hide who you really are.

Many professionals have to put up with this because authenticity in the workplace is something that can’t be easily achieved. No matter what your background is, the cold and honest (ironic huh?) truth remains that you have to hide your real persona.

Being authentic at work might trigger other people. You will be the target of envy, of scorn, and you will be an outcast.

Why Authenticity is Rarely Seen in the Workplace
Why Authenticity is Rarely Seen in the Workplace

What now?

So what does freedom in work actually mean? Does it mean having a pantry filled with things that you can eat at your own leisure? Does it mean having a dress code that allows you to come into the office while your favorite hoodie and sweatpants?

This is true for some people but to many others, it means being able to bring out who they truly are without having to fear to be an outcast. It means that’s they can simply be themselves. The question now presents itself, how do we achieve this for everyone?

We are all made up of layers

In this age, if you don’t act like other people or do what other people do, then you are already a target for scorn. Your unique perspective and actions aren’t really accepted by corporations and businesses.

People who come from the LGBTQ+ community or married individuals who choose not to have children may find that even the simplest of questions could open up a hazardous path leading to awkward office conversations. These people may be forced to answer a question that they don’t want to answer.

Questions like “when do you plan on having kids?” or “are you really gay?” are inquiries that people who fall under the spectrum of being ‘different’ have to deal with every day.  And honestly, it can get very tiring after a while.

Even if you aren’t technically hiding your sexual orientation, people will always still want you to magically conform to the norms of society. They may be thinking that asking questions like this might magically make you change your mind on whatever you’ve already set your heart on. To be honest, this never works.

The Global Head of Culture & Inclusion at Twilio, LaFawn Davis says that “We are all intersectional, meaning all have layers with which we identify. There can also be negative and long-term impact on intersectional technologists from expending the energy to determine whether or not all their layers will be welcomed or excluded”

Why Authenticity is Rarely Seen in the Workplace
Why Authenticity is Rarely Seen in the Workplace

The Pressure to Cover

In day to day office conversations, a non-conforming person may find themselves straining their minds. They are always burdened because they are always trying to think of ways to communicate with other co-workers without offending any of them.

An example of this would be, someone who does not have any interest in the importance of marriage or relationships in general. This person would have to find a way to explain that they are not interested in other people without offending the inquirer. In some cases, the non-conformist will have to evade the question altogether.

In tow with evading a conversation, individuals who find themselves in this type of situation commonly resort to talking about another co-worker. Not from ill intent, but from the perspective that this would be the only way to change the topic.

Of course, this is easier said than done. For the non-conformist, it would be hardly able to shake off the innate feeling of wanting to be different. One could not simply toss aside the feeling of being authentic. But, to talk about taboo things in the office would only lead to more complications.

Research shows that the act of ‘covering’, or the act of someone downplaying their differences from the norm actually affects the workforce badly. 3000 employees in over 20 large US firms had a turnout of 61% of employees that had faced implicit pressure to cover up their true selves in some way. While 50% of employees said that the pressure had disappeared because of their commitment to the company.

However, this practice still has a negative effect on people. This practice hinders the performance of the workers, and it could drain the individual in the process. Covering is also seen as a leading cause of attrition, with over 1000 casualties in companies.

Why Authenticity is Rarely Seen in the Workplace
Why Authenticity is Rarely Seen in the Workplace

Lead with Empathy

The best solution to this persistent problem is to develop safer and friendlier environments for people who fall under the spectrum of ‘non-conforming’. Leading with empathy includes implementing inclusive values, such as respecting an individual’s preferred pronouns.

To an employee, the people with the most influence are their supervisors. Once their team managers make them feel like their needs are acknowledged and that they’ve established that they are in a safe zone, then these individuals will feel less of an outcast and less likely to leave the company. Authentic concern for employees always produces good results, whether or not they are classified into the minority.

Supervisors must also strive to lead by example. Once someone from a higher position starts setting a new norm, their subordinates will start picking up on the habit. If everyone in the company starts being their true to themselves without having to hide behind a mask, then the company can slowly become a safe and conducive environment.

Being ‘authentic’ in this world is a hard feat to accomplish, but staying open and humble in a conversation helps in trying to make authenticity become the new norm. There is no single answer to the existing problem but if leaders lead with bravery and trust, they are sure to herd the industry into the right path.

How to Create a Culture of Collaboration.

The Ultimate Foam Roller Buying Guide 0 358

The Ultimate Foam Roller Buying Guide

Who says getting massages is an expensive habit? Buy a foam roller, and you can get a deep-tissue massage anytime you want at no extra cost.

We’ve all heard how stress can be dangerous for our health. We have also learned from countless experts how a good massage can be a wonderful and terrific solution for stress relief.

However, actually getting a massage from a professional masseur on a regular basis can be a bit impractical. It can be an expensive process, and you can’t just get a message the minute you need it. But then that’s why you get a foam roller.

A foam roller is a device that lets you do the proper massage on yourself. They come with special features that can really free your muscles. It’s possible that the benefits you’ll enjoy can include a greater range of motion, better blood flow, and even a shortened recovery time.

Of course, you do need to make sure you know how to use one properly. In addition, you have to get the right model that suits your needs. To buy the right foam roller, you have to pay considerable attention to certain crucial factors.


The hardness or softness of the foam roller can determine just how effective it will be in providing the deep-tissue massage you need. If it’s too hard, using it will be an exercise full of traumatic pain and bruising and your health may even get worse. If it’s too soft, it’s pretty much useless in massaging your tissues and muscles.

If you’re a newbie to foam rollers in general, you err on the side of caution by getting something that’s a bit soft to begin with. At least if it’s not right for you it just won’t work. When you get something that’s too hard right away, you’ll experience so much pain that you may end up swearing off foam rollers altogether.

That soft, low-density foam roller is perfect as long as you don’t feel any pain. Even if it’s not really doing much for your muscles, at least you get to practice your foam roller technique without the accompanying trauma.

Of course, as time passes and your muscles adapt to the roller you’re using, you have to switch to a denser, harder foam roller. You may not have a choice but to switch anyway since soft foam rollers are notoriously apt to deform very quickly. As you switch to harder foam rollers, you’ll find that they have a greater effect on your muscles, while the hard foam roller also lasts much longer.

Some brands come in different colors to denote the density of the particular foam roller models. The soft ones are typically white, while the hardest ones are black. So the darker the color, the denser it is.

The Ultimate Foam Roller Buying Guide
The Ultimate Foam Roller Buying Guide

Surface Texture

While some foam rollers are smooth, others have specially designed surfaces with various protruding knobs and ridges. These are meant to offer different levels of intensity or to focus more on certain muscles.

With a smooth roller, you get even pressure from the whole length of the roller. This is a great choice for foam roller newbies, as in general, the pressure you get isn’t as intense as from a textured roller. That saves you from the pain that can result when your muscles aren’t used to the specialized ridges and knobs. Besides, smooth rollers are typically more affordable, and that’s just sensible for newbies.

On the other hand, the ridges and knobs on a textured roller can imitate how a real masseur can use their hands to target the knots in your muscles and tissues. It’s more realistic, though of course the chances of getting a painful massage increases. However, there are several types of textures so that you can get precisely the right intensity that suits your preference tolerance of pressure.

Size and Shape

While foam rollers are generally designed with a cylindrical shape, there’s really no standard shape or size for them. It can be as long as a sword or small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They can be in various diameters as well. In fact, some aren’t shaped like a cylinder at all.

Here’s a quick guide to the various shapes and sizes:

  • If you’re new to foam rollers, you’re better off with a long one that measures about 3 feet long. They’re easier to control when you’re targeting your hamstrings and quads, and the length is just right to work your whole back. For smaller areas like your calves and arms, the optimal length is about 2 feet. Small ones that measure less than a foot in length are good if you want a portable model.
  • The most common diameter is about 5 to 6 inches, which is just right for most people. If you want a more focused message that goes deeper and harder, you’ll need a smaller diameter of about 4 or even 3 inches.
  • Half round. This resembles a standard foam roller that’s been lengthwise. They’re designed for foot and leg stretches. They’re also great if you have plantar fasciitis using this will relieve the symptoms.
  • Foam-covered massage sticks. They look like rolling pins, and they’re best when you want to focus on your legs. They’re much more precise in targeting specific muscles and in regulating the pressure. They can also be flexible enough to use for massaging your upper back.
  • Foam balls. Aside from portability, one great reason to get this is for body areas that are curved. They’re much more precise than regular foam rollers for areas like the lumbar area.
The Ultimate Foam Roller Buying Guide
The Ultimate Foam Roller Buying Guide

Final Word

With this guide, hopefully, you’re able to find one that suits your message needs perfectly. However, you must make sure that you actually know how to use one correctly.

It’s just like driving a car—the best cars in the world are dangerous for those who don’t actually know how to drive a car. The same goes for foam rollers. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can hurt yourself instead. So start with a long smooth-surfaced roller if you’re a newbie, and then master its use before you go on with the more sophisticated designs.

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