5 Terrific Academic Articles for Business Execs

5 Terrific Academic Articles for Business Execs


It’s well-known that the waters of business are treacherous to navigate, and many business and professional careers sink beneath the tides of competition. Just about every business exec worth their salt wants every extra edge that they can get, which is why they read a lot of self-help and biography books on how to succeed in business.

If you’re such a business executive, you certainly won’t lack for options regarding books to read. The publishing industry churns out virtually hundreds of business books every year. What’s more, you can go online where you can find millions of articles from self-proclaimed experts.

It’s hard to separate the good articles from the bad, but it helps if the articles you read are written by actual experts with data backed by research. Your best source is to use the excellent Google Scholar search engine, where you can find more than 160 million academic articles and papers. Among these articles, these 5 papers can help you in various aspects of a business:

Business Models, Business Strategy and Innovation” by David Teece

If you’re looking for advice on business management, this is what you need to read. Teece explains the relationship between business models and innovation. Here he shows how even the most superior technological creations can fail to create a thriving business simply because the business model wasn’t designed logically. The proper model, he argues, must factor in the business ecosystem and how it will change over time. Read it here.

“Undervalued or Overvalued Customers: Capturing Total Customer Engagement Value,” by Vivek Kumar, Lerzan Aksoy, Bas Donkers, Rajkumar Venkatesan, Thorsten Wiesel, and Sebastian Tillmanns

Marketing professionals will find this research paper useful when dealing with the concept of customer lifetime value (CLV). Usually, this concept denotes the amount that the business can earn from its customers during their entire transactional relationship. But here, its meaning is expanded to include value aspects that go beyond just monetary. They propose the concept of customer engagement value (CEV) that’s more comprehensive and more accurate, as it also takes into account the buying behavior, knowledge, influence, and referrals of these customers. Read it here.

“The Capital Structure Puzzle,” by Stewart Myers

If you’re looking for venture funding for your new business, you may want to read this article first. Here Myers warns that equity should be your last funding resort when there’s no other option available for you. He argues that you’re better off using retained earnings or even your own savings to finance your startup operations. This option will eventually cost you much less than being indebted to gain funding, and that’s because giving away a percentage of your new company will cost you a lot more over the long term. Read it here.

“Cognitive Mechanisms in Entrepreneurship: Why and When Entrepreneurs Think Differently Than Other People,” by Robert Barona

If you wish to make better decisions as an entrepreneur, you should read this guide so that you can avoid future mistakes. Here Barona lists down the various types of biases and mental errors that can affect many startup founders. Read it here.

“Improving New Venture Performance: The Role of Strategy, Industry Structure, and the Entrepreneur,” by William Sandberg and Charles Hofer

This article says that there are 3 factors that affect the performance of your new venture. These factors are the entrepreneur, the industry structure, and business strategies. The authors of the article argue that instead of being good in all these factors, you can gain a much larger edge by specializing and being great in just one of these factors instead. Read it here.

All these academic papers were meticulously researched, and written by experts with impeccable academic backgrounds. You may want to set aside the advice of well-meaning experts for a while and listen to facts backed by actual study and science.

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