How to Grow and Maintain Your Social Media Community

How to Grow and Maintain Your Social Media Community


Experts in social media know the value of building a thriving and engaged social media community. Form those efforts can come greater authority, boosted brand recognition, and eventually greater profits. However, it’s not all about boosting the size of your following, though that’s admittedly an important metric. You have to also try to make sure that your online community consists of engaged followers. It’s not just quantity, but the quality of the followers as well.

So how do you build a large social media community with followers who ask questions, engage in discussions, and share content? This can be a challenging task, but it can be worth all your efforts if you pull it off. To help you, here are some steps that can work:

Understand Your Community

You can’t grow your social media community if you have no idea about what motivates then to behave in certain ways. Fortunately for you, it’s not too difficult to monitor your community. There are social listening tools that let you track keywords, particular users, and multiple brands through search. This is much more efficient than scrolling through endless posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

You need to have an accurate reading of the social media landscape you’re in. This means you have to study your industry and analyze your brand as well as the competition.

Create Content to Build Engagement

When you monitor your social community, you should take notes on the recent trends, common hashtags, controversial topics, and content that has resulted in significant reaction and engagement. All these should then help you post content that your social community will find engaging.

You should be aware that you have lots of content forms to choose from, and some types of content are better for specific channels. Videos are for YouTube while Pinterest is about images. But you can’t choose the channels to go on based on the type of media you like to post. Instead, you need to track the channels where your community members like to go, and you should go there too.

Join Conversations

Unlike in traditional advertising, the audience (in this case the community members) for social media are very much active. They don’t just watch a YouTube video like it’s a TV commercial. They make comments, discuss the videos, ask questions, and make complaints.

They may ask you questions, and you should do your best to answer each one. You can also join in conversations as well. You should pay special attention to influencers, as they can boost your reach and improve your trustworthiness when you build a relationship with them.

Measure Your Efforts

You have to quantify your efforts if you want to know for sure if you’re doing well in growing and maintaining your social media community. The follower count is important, but you should take note of the level of engagement, whether the engagement is positive or negative, and the number of downloads. Remember, it’s not just the quantity of the community followers, but their quality too. You grow a community in size as well as in the level of engagement among the community and the measure of trust in your brand.

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